Commencing Blog in 10, 09, 08…..

Commencing Blog in 10, 09, 08.....

If I’m going to start a blog on a subject I love I had better start at start. NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. Comissioned by President Dwight D. Eisenhower as the National Aeronautics and Space Act on July 29, 1958 the dreams of millions went fully operational on Oct 1, 1958 (official birthday). Since then there have been many triumphs and tragedies but what hasn’t changed since Project Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Space Shuttle, and all of the rovers, orbiters and landers is the desire to learn more and venture further than ever before. Thats why, while growing up in New Hampshire I learned about NASA, the Space Shuttle and the wonders of space as a third grader through our ambassador at the time; Concords own, Christa Mcauliffe. We watched in our classroom as the events of january 28, 1986 unfolded. By then, after everything I had learned in the process, I was hooked. I had also learned about another day that hit close to home. May 5, 1961 when Derry NH native and descendant of Mayflower passenger Richard Warren; Alan Shepard took his Freedom 7 capsule riding atop a Mercury Redstone Rocket into space as the 1st American to break the bonds of gravity. He then went on to another 1st as he commanded Apollo 14, the 1st Moon flight after the near catastrophic Apollo 13. So at 8 years old because of VERY local drivers, I was hooked on NASA and the cosmos and it has never let me go………I hope you enjoy whats to come. For more visit

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