Soyuz – Progress 50P

Soyuz - Progress 50P

Photo Credit: NASA Carla Cioffi – Soyuz TMA-03M on Dec 19, 2011 being rolled to launch pad for launch of Expedition 30.

PROGRESS 50P Ready for ISS supply run.

Monday February 11, 2013 at 1441 UTC (0941 EST) From the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan, a Russian Soyuz-U Rocket will launch with Progress M-18M (Or ISS-50P as ISS records go). Its mission is to re-supply the International Space Station (ISS). Although it is classified by the manufacturer as a “manned vehicle” the Soyuz Progress flights are all unmanned re-supply missions. They are given the “manned” designation because when attached to the ISS astronauts do venture inside. There are usually a few Progress flights a year and when complete, they are filled with waste and after disconnect and de-orbit, the craft is burned up in the atmosphere as it has no re-entry capability.

Listen carefully during the broadcast to hear when NASA TV will go live again for docking of the Progress Spacecraft.

LIVE Launch from NASA TV:

LIVE Launch from Russia:

NASA ISS Main Page:

NASA Space Station LIVE:

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