MSL Curiosity: NEW Self-Shot

MSL Curiosity: NEW Self-Shot

Curiosity Self Shot – Take 2 or…..64?

Photo Credit: NASA / JPL (links below).

We all remember the great self-shot Curiosity took of itself back on Dec 2012 and the big fella seems to remember how much we all loved it because in between exploring, sweeping, drilling and laser cooking all the rust colored Mars bedrock it can get into its cup, on February 3, 2013 (or sol 177 as days are called on Mars) it delivered to us yet another selfie and again no duck-face to be spoken of. This time from the “John Klein” Site which lies within “Yellowknife Bay”.

Once expanded to full size you will gain a true appreciation for the HD qualities of this photo. Study for yourself the Martian terrain, the dusty sky and the detailed intricate equipment that Curiosity carries with it on its nuclear powered excursion.

You may at some point say to yourself….”Hold-up, how in the world (or out of it) can Curiosity have possibly taken this photo of itself when you can clearly see the whole vehicle in the photo itself?” The answer lies at the end of the robotic arm in the form of the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) Camera. With robotic arm extended, Curiosity took a total of 64 individual photos and constructed them in a mosaic form that when overlapped properly completely eliminated the shots of the arm itself. In the lower left area of the image you can see the drill marks made on sol 174 and 176 while testing the drill in percussion mode.


NASA JPL Curiosity Main Mission Page:

NASA Curiosity Page:

Curiosity self-shot page for this image:

The original self-shot from SOL 84-85 (Oct 31-Nov 1 2012) taken at “Rocks Nest” with the first scoop sampling took place:

Here is the TEST self-shot that was conducted at JPL in Pasadena CA:

NASA JPL Curiosity Photo journal:

Curiosity Rover CHEM-CAM (LASER) Site:

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