Photo By: Arild Heitmann

This incredible photo of the Aurora Borealis is dubbed “Green World”.
Ok yesterday we covered shadows caused by sunsets/sunrises interacting with Earth objects. Today, for the second celestial event you can witness with only your eyes is the Aurora Borealis & Australis or the Northern & Southern Lights. To summarize, they are a result of solar activity to include Coronal Mass Ejections whose charged particles interact with the atmosphere. Solar activity can occur at any time but primarily it follows a rough 11 year solar cycle of which we happen to be nearing the peak of this year. The Aurora is primarily green in color but often takes on wonderful reds blues and purples as well depending on what atmospheric elements the particles interact with. So if you hear of a major solar event, go outside during the following couple nights and who knows, you may see one of the universes natural wonders right before your eyes. Smart phone Aps like “3D Sun” are great tools as they alert you when an Earth directed solar event has taken place.

In addition to the links above and below you can check out my quick Aurora Hunters page I wrote for the blog earlier this year. It’s loaded with information and more links that you will know what to do with at the bottom……

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