Photo Credit: Jeff Jackson. CLICK photo to view full size.

As photos from Sundays Hybrid Solar Eclipse begin to trickle out into public media it’s clear because of the location of this event, that the most stunning of all photos are coming from the most populated locations thus, the Partial Eclipse segment of the event had some of the world’s best photographers aiming from the East Coast of the United States. Let’s review some of my favorite eclipse photos that have surfaced thus far……

This incredible photo of the November 3rd sunrise Partial Eclipse comes from Jeff Jackson from Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina. The thing that I love most about this photo is that he captured the Sun’s fold line or “Omega” as it’s called, on the horizon. Check this photo out in full size and for a few more photos of this event check the link to his Flickr page below.

Jeff Jackson’s Flickr page with these photos:

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  1. Jeff Jackson says:

    I didn’t know this existed here. I trees ting about the fold line. I just figured it was a mirage. Will have to research that. This pic was taken with a simple Canon Powershot camera. The sun was brilliant from the moment it broke the horizon. Luckily, the camera compensated. Hope to get a few good eclipse shots in August as we are in the path. Will probably go more towards the centerline. Maybe even to the old Cape Romain lighthouses, which is the last land to see it.

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