Photo Credit: Juan Carlos Casado of the 2013 Geminids Meteor Shower. CLICK for large size photo and see below for information and links.

Prominent against the night sky stands the great Teide Volcano in the Canary Islands. On any given night that sight alone would be quite a view, lightly lit by Moonlight. But this night, December 15, 2013 as the Geminids Meteor Shower was at peak rate, Juan Carlos Casado took advantage of the opportunity offered and brought out the camera.
Over a period of about 2.3 hours nearly 50 particles from Asteroid 3200 Phaethon were captured and layered over a single frame of the night sky and terrain to create this amazing composite of the nights celestial events.
Beautiful photo; Absolutely! Beautiful foreground; No doubt! One thing I don’t want to lose here is perspective…..What you are looking at here is the debris from an asteroid (3200 Phaethon) as Earth plows through the field that it has left behind, as it does every December. Also, look at the sky; what part of the sky is this, what constellations, stars, nebulae and clusters do you see?…….just a great photo all around. Give it a shot next season, see how you do at capturing meteors. The more you work at it the better you will become!

With this being the last meteor shower of 2013, I posted the 2014 METEOR SHOWER GUIDE on my blog already:

NASA APOD page for this photo:

Juan Carlos Casado profile on TwanNight:

Juan Carlos Casado website:

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