Photo Credit: Gianni Krattli: CLICK photo for larger size and see below for links and information.

Hey everyone; I sincerely hope you’ve all had a terrific year and best of luck to you all in 2014. In the past year and a half I have learned so much about the universe and hopefully you have learned something in the process as well. I literally started this DanSpace77 thing because I wanted to share random photos of the universe (With proper credit of course) if nothing else, for myself so I can come see them all in one place. Well that’s turned into much more and I want to appreciate and thank everyone who follows my feed, enjoys the photos and information, all the reposts and conversations, all of you who spread the love by getting me out there even further. I look forward to another awesome year and I look forward to hopefully giving you something to be inspired by as well as something to learn in the process.

On to 2014: In one of my favorite phrases by Yuri Gagarin: POYEKHALI!!! “Let’s Go!!!”

This beautiful photo of our universe city, the Milky Way Galaxy over Hawaiian palms was taken on July 26, 2013 and Mr. Krattli as usual comes through with a magnificent image of the night sky. This is another example of how light painting the foreground isn’t always necessary. The dark palms seem to make the galaxy shine in the night sky even more. Nothing distracting your eye from its awe; no campfires, no cars, no flashlights…..just the dark of night and the universe reminding you that we are all part of something much larger than ourselves. If you get a chance to be in a very dark sky location (Which is rare today); actually look at the Milky Way for what it is, try to imagine the distances and sizes you’re witnessing. Every star that you can see with your naked eye in the light sky is more luminous than our Sun. Pick a star; that light has been traveling for upwards of a hundred thousand years just to end its journey in your eye. Most of the photons; a staggeringly large percentage of the photons from that star are lost to the universe; an almost irrelevant percentage of that stars light impacts other stars, planets, dust etc. as it screams silently through the galaxy at an oddly slow snail’s pace of light speed. Of all the stars photons; an almost incalculable fraction of a fraction of a percent reach a conscious eye weather through a telescope, binoculars or simply by looking up. Those photons are the lucky ones……they’re the ones who get to be admired, wondered upon and understood.

Gianni Krattli Photography:

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