Photo Credit: John Davis of BuckSnort Observatory. CLICK photo for larger view and look below for information and links.

Check out this great set of startrails over Monument Valley by Mr. Davis. One of the aspects to this photo that I enjoy most is the lighting as the sky still looks almost sun or moon lit as the stars scream through the night sky on their predetermined paths. Honestly not sure what the light streak along the ground is but it’s likely a vehicle or ATV of some sort driving along the loop road which adds to the photo as well. Just a cool shot that I wanted to share with you all and please visit the links below for many more photos like this to include a wild selection of deep sky objects (DSO’s).
Monument Valley is a place that I would recommend to anyone for any reason. It’s a fantastic vacation stop and a definite bullet point on the bucket list. The valley is part of the Colorado Plateau and resides on the Arizona/Utah state line in close proximity to the four corners. It’s a collection of buttes that stretch up to 1000 ft. high and they take on many different shapes. The ones that we see here are lovingly known as the “mittens.”

BuckSnort Observatory:


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