March 14 is the annual holiday of nerds and geeks everywhere. Why, because it’s PiDay! You know, the Greek symbol whose numbers represent the irrational number ratio of a circles circumference to its diameter? Still don’t get it, cmon man!!! March 14 aka 3.14 = PI! Actually you can wait until 3.14 at 1:59:26 if you REALLY want to drag it out.
Oh and before people start whining (it happens every year) about the inaccuracies through semantics save it, really. It’s just a day to appreciate something fun and simple so enjoy the day and have some fun with it.

You know, the smartest day of the year also comes with some truly incredible birthdays! For starters, OF COURSE one of the most intelligent humans to walk the Earth has to have PiDay as his birthday right? That’s correct; Happy Birthday to Albert Einstein (March 14, 1879). Let’s not stop there; Happy Birthday to the current NASA record holder for time in space, Colonel Mike Fincke (381 days, 15 hours) (March 14, 1962). Two down two to go. Happy Birthday to NASA astronaut Frank Borman (March 14, 1928); as Apollo 8 Commander, he led the first humans to ever travel to a destination other than low earth orbit (LEO), they were the first to ever feel the gravity of another planetary body (Moon), they were the first to see the Earth as a whole sphere before their eyes and they were the first to see earthrise around the moon’s horizon. Before this he, along with Jim Lovell (who was also on Apollo 8) set a manned spaceflight record (at the time) of almost 14 days as part of Gemini 7. They were also the first ever manned rendezvous while on the same flight of Gemini 7 along with Gemini 6. Last (fittingly) Happy Birthday to Gemini 9a, Apollo 10, Apollo 17 astronaut and the last human to set foot on the Moon, Gene Cernan (March 14, 1934).
So is your birthday today? If so you likely have some work to do!

PiDay: http://www.piday.org/

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