Image Credit & Copyright: Arild Heitmann. CLICK for larger view and look below for information and links.

This beautiful photo comes from the extremely talented Arild Heitmann of Northern Norway and what else can you say about it besides perfect. The aurora borealis, for me is a lifelong hunt that very rarely results in any green. Well, green expenditure on my end, however, not much in the way of green skies. For most of us mid-northern latitude folks, solar maximum 24 has been nothing short of a flop. That being said, we still have the dedicated eyes, cameras and partially frozen feet of high latitude folks gong out into the elements to set up and capture what they see and making us all very envious in the process. Please be sure to check out Aldrid’s works below as there’s so much more than aurora borealis. As usual, you know I won’t steer you wrong.

Arild Heitmann Photography:


Google Plus:





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2 Responses to SECRET RIVER

  1. Incredible how nature creates sights like these. Beautiful.

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