Image Credit & Copyright: Jon Secord.

Hopefully the Maine Tourism Association catches on to this image because it’s easily one of the most beautiful Maine night sky images that I’ve ever seen. In this day and age, unfortunately, even the night sky can be a vacation commodity that you just can’t get from in our urban homes.

Pemaquid point lies on the Pemaquid Peninsula, a small stretch of the more than 3000 miles of Maine coast. It’s located between Brunswick and Rockland which are both equally beautiful locations and every year it’s rated as the cleanest beach in Maine according to the Maine Healthy Beaches Program. The beach is referred to as a “pocket-beach” which is a cove of sand deposited by a glacier during the last Ice Age. In the height of the last Ice Age some 21,000 years ago this area was under roughly 2000 meters (1.2 miles) of ice. Have a look at a detailed map of Maine or regions near northern U.S. and up into Canada. These areas are littered with tens of thousands of lakes and ponds (to include the Great Lakes) literally carved out of the Earth by those vast sheets of ice.

The lighthouse in this image is called the “Pemaquid Light” and it’s one of Maine’s most iconic lighthouses. In fact, have a look at the Maine state quarter and you will see the Pamaquid Light.

I hope you all enjoy this image and go check out more of Jon’s work in the links below!

Jon Secord Photography:







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