Image Credit & Copyright: Chris Cramer.

Here’s a great set of startrails captured from an opening in the treeline at Great Basin National Park, Nevada.  What I really love about this image is what isn’t there at all; foreground lighting.  Don’t get me wrong, foreground lighting can turn a set of startrails from great to incredible when done right but on occasion, the sky itself can stand alone on stage in the image.  The blackness of the forest’s silhouette contrasts perfectly with the hue of the sky and the tall, vertical Milky Way beyond the nearby streaking stars.

Another thing you will notice in this image is that the startrails lack the pinpoint of Polaris and the pole stars.  That’s because the image is captured facing roughly south.  Doing this is necessary if you wish to capture the core region of the galaxy.  Just a perfect image that I really wanted to help put out there and I really hope you all enjoy it!

Chris Cramer website:



Great Basin National Park:

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