Image Credit & Copyright: Evan Thomas (See all links below).

Here’s a brand new image from Evan Thomas of the incredible western sky over the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Lower Lamarck Lake, Nevada.  If you’ve ever been to the great southwest you know that the bright lights of some of the world’s best cities can convince a city dweller that there are a grand total of about 10 stars in the night sky.  Well, drive a few hours out into one of my favorite places; the Sierra Nevada and the Mojave Desert and you will find out that the universe is well intact and still an awe inspiring sight that I recommend during any season.

This image illustrates the beauty of the night sky perfectly.  The core of the summertime Milky Way is seen here rising vertically as earth rolls along its plane.  The foreground lit perfectly by a low lying crescent moon off to the right.  The landscape almost looks other worldly as an observer sits atop a nearby boulder, showered by the glow of the night as it casts its shadows onto it.

Yet another terrific job by Evan and if you agree please visit more of his work in the provided links!

Even Thomas Photography:





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