Image Credit & Copyright: Evan Thomas.

Here’s an incredible image from the brilliant night sky photographer Evan Thomas. Those who find themselves land locked as he does, also often find themselves yearning for the shores. I suppose it’s no different from me (just the opposite) as I too often dream of getting back to the southwest desert for some hiking, and of course that night sky and horizon.

Tempted by the coast, he ambitiously embarked on a trip west to the Oregon coast for some night sky shooting and adventure. The fruits of that ambition yielded some pretty amazing captures. I mean who doesn’t love the coastline no matter which coast you’re on? I’ve spent a few years on the south western coast and I loved it and here in the north east everywhere you go the endless coastline is just inspiring as well; day or night.

I’d also like to take a moment and offer some advice for whatever its worth to you. Our lives, as fragile as they are, in hindsight come and go in a flash. That’s if you’re one of the lucky ones who have the true privilege of a long and healthy life as many do not. As I slowly creep into my late 30’s I am day after day just stunned at how fast it all happened. My high school and military years seem like yesterday. I clearly remember conversing with my troublemaker friends as a teen discussing how it will suck to be our parents age someday. Well, I blinked and here I am. In fact; our close group is still well intact though life and its obligations don’t allow for as much time together as it once did. You know what? Physically and mentally I feel no different than I did then. I still run a lot, go out a lot, talk like a sailor and play sports. Those thoughts of being my parents age is now realized and not only do I feel the same, but it all happened so fast. For you very young people, faster than you will ever believe. There’s a reason that time and time again people say that you shouldn’t waste your life. Once you hit 20, you will never be a teen again. Once you hit 30, your 20’s become history for the rest of your life.

That’s why images like these mean so much to me. You can take your time, stare into them and envision the future, reflect on the past and calmly observe the reality of Earth and the universe all in the same place, all in one image. You can almost disappear and place yourself in the image. Whatever you do and wherever you are in life, learn to enjoy every day. Take trips and see as many amazing things and places as you can for yourself because in the end, it’s not about where you finish as we all have the same finish line ahead of us, but it’s about the experiences that you had along the way.

Yet another terrific job by Evan and if you agree please visit more of his work in the provided links!

Even Thomas Photography: http://www.evanthomasphoto.com/

Blog: http://exploreabitmore.blogspot.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/evanthomasphoto

500px: http://500px.com/evanthomasphoto

Instagram: http://instagram.com/exploreabitmore

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  1. terezakis says:


    That was one beautiful sermon you passed on to many: good for you.

    With respect and best wishes,


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