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It’s time for the final lunar eclipse of 2014 and it occurs in the pre-dawn hours of Wednesday, October 8, 2014.

STRUCTURE & TIMELINE: All times are in universal time. Eastern U.S. subtract 4hrs and western U.S. subtract 7 hrs.

Penumbral Eclipse Begins: 08:15 UTC

Partial Eclipse Begins: 09:14 UTC

Total Eclipse Begins: 10:25 UTC

Greatest Eclipse: 10:54 UTC

Total Eclipse Ends: 11:24 UTC

Partial Eclipse Ends: 12:34 UTC

Penumbral Eclipse Ends: 13:33 UTC

This eclipse will be visible throughout the entire Pacific Ocean and most of the bordering countries (Or as least the Pacific side of those countries). Western United States will see the entire eclipse while Eastern United States and Western South America will see the Moon set during totality. New Zealand, Eastern Australia, Eastern Asia and all of Japan will see the entire event while Western Asia, Europe and Africa will miss the event unfortunately. The two (2) Lunar Eclipses this year also begin what’s called “Tetrads” which is four (4) consecutive Total Lunar Eclipses. There are eight (8) Tetrads in the 21st century this one (2014/2015) is the second in the series with the next series beginning in 2032.

Fred Espinak aka Mr. Eclipse page for this event:

NASA Eclipses of 2014:

Moon Giant lunar eclipse calendar:

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