Image Credit & Copyright: NASA SDO with my edit.

Final eclipse of 2014 is a Partial Solar Eclipse and it occurs on Thursday, October 23, 2014. This eclipse will be visible in North America only; Alaska down into Mexico.  The only exception is New England which will likely miss the event due to the sun setting before the eclipse begins.

As we know eclipses don’t happen everywhere at once but instead they travel. I will give times for this event in Seattle time as the Seattle/Vancouver area is the first major population that it hits.  After that, it flows down across the rest of North America.  If you want your personal start time just ask in the comments or hit the links below as there are actual calculators for your location.


BEGINS: 13:36 (1:36pm) PDT

MAXIMUM: 15:00 (3:00pm) PDT

ENDS: 16:20 PDT (4:20pm) PDT

The track of this eclipse begins in eastern Siberia and tracks across Anchorage beginning at 11:55am Anchorage time. Greatest eclipse occurs in northern, middle of nowhere Canada then it sweeps across Toronto, the Great Lakes and down through into the Gulf of Mexico.

NASA 2014 Eclipse Info:

TimeAndDate Eclipse Calculator:

TimeAndDate Eclipse Page:

U.S. Naval Observatory Eclipse Computer:

TimeAndDate 10 Year Eclipse Page:

Moon Giant Solar Eclipse Calendar:

Moon Giant Solar Eclipse Calendar:

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