Image Credit & Copyright: Xinhua News.

Launched on Thursday, October 23 at 17:59 UTC (01:59 on Friday Beijing Time) a Long March-3C rocket launched the Chang’e-5T1 spacecraft to the Moon, embarking on an eight day mission to circle the Moon, return to Earth and land in China’s Mongolia region. This is testing for their future plans for the Chang’e-5 robotic lunar sample return mission slated for 2017.

Well here is one of its first images and WOW, what a sight! In fact, it’s a sight seldom seen.  Here we see the lunar far side and its most noticeable feature, Mare Moscoviense or “Sea of Moscow” and the Pale Blue Dot some 240,000 miles beyond.  It’s amazing to take note of the stark difference between the lunar near and far sides.

I hope you enjoy this image and hopefully there will be more forthcoming sometime soon!

Original Source (this image is on page 3):

Unmanned Spaceflight Image Source:

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  1. Jay Dee says:

    Wow is right! What a shot that is. Beautiful picture.

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