Image Credit & Copyright: Lincoln Harrison.

The Milky Way detail in this image is amazing to me. The plane of our home galaxy stretches across the sky; its massive bands of gas and dust obstruct our view of many tens of billions of stars. The core of the galaxy glows from beyond those thick black clouds like the distant town lights glow on the horizon, obstructed by the land between them and the camera.

The setting of this image, resembling a scene from the Fallout series of videogames in its loneliness and disrepair also provides us some perspective on what it is to live in this world. Most of your life you will not remember, most of your life you have already forgotten. It’s an unrelenting flow of experiences and emotions bullet pointed with memories that is your life. Because like the barn in this image, our time will come and go, life will speed into the future without us and that night sky will be viewed upon by the next generations, leaving us only as leafs on a family tree.

May your only regrets be filled with lots of fun!

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