Image Credit & Copyright: Manish Mamtani. CLICK image for larger view and look below for information and links to more of Manish’s work.

This image comes to us from world class photographer, Manish Mamtani and it’s a stunning view of the Milky Way galaxy; our star city, as seen from Joshua Tree National Park, California. This is a place that I used to love stopping at as a young Marine as I would travel from Camp Pendleton to 29 Palms “29 Stumps” but I’ve never seen it quite like this.

Joshua Tree National Park is over three quarters of a million acres (bigger than Rhode Island) spanning Riverside and San Bernardino counties, CA. A National Monument since 1936, it officially became a National Park in 1994 after Congress passed the California Desert Protection Act. Aside from the stunning views, Joshua Tree boasts great hiking and rock scrambling opportunities as well as some great names such as “The Old Woman Rock” “North Horror Rock” and “Skull Rock.”

Get out and see the world, you only have one chance to ride this ride so do what you love and do it well. I’ve been to quite a few places across the U.S., Canada and Mexico and I’ve loved them all and I’m certain you will to. I hope you enjoyed this image and go check out more of Manish’s work in the links below as he’s an incredible photographer and the extent of his work reaches much further than the night sky but hey, I’m biased.

Manish Mamtani:




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Joshua Tree National Park:

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