Image Credit & Copyright: Tim Dodd, the Everyday Astronaut.

Let’s end our Monday with something pretty awesome and creative. What do you do when you’re a photographer and you buy a spacesuit online?……You take pictures with you in the spacesuit all over the damn place while doing anything you can think of, of course!

Tim’s personal expedition began in November of 2013 when he purchased an old Russian high altitude space suit on the online auction site RRAuctions and the proverbial “idea candle” was lit! The ensuing collection is awash with creativity, comedy and inspiration and for us space nuts it’s really a treat and I promise you it will brighten your day and have you checking for updates.

Go check out more of his works in the links below and enjoy! I have to add, that after checking out his work he’s much more than an everyday astronaut as his photography work spans many different genres. Thanks for a great series Tim!

Tim Dodd Photography:

Tim Dodd; Everyday Astronaut:

Everyday Astronaut Instagram:

Tim Dodd Instagram:

Everyday Astronaut Facebook:

Tim Dodd Facebook:


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