Image Credit & COPYRIGHT: Rick Parchen. CLICK photo for larger size and see below for links and information.

I’ve been to a lot of places across the country but I’ve never been to Sky Rock in California. In fact I’ve never even heard of it until I came across this photo, so thank you Rich as I have yet another destination to add to the Bucket List.  What I enjoy most about this image is that it’s not hard to imagine being the very humans that actually laid down these shapes and designs as they looked up at the same sky seen in the photo.  Seeing the night sky is one thing but when you find yourself looking up in a dark sky site and the stars are so numerous that the long familiar constellations are even difficult to make out, it really opens your eyes as to how important it is to protect the night sky.  Next is Rick’s account of the taking of this photo, enjoy.

“I can finally cross off the mysterious Sky Rock in the Eastern Sierra mountains of California from my photography bucket list. This spot is highly sought after and not easily found since it is one of the rare occurrences where ancient writings face the sky. These ~6000 year old rock writings give us a glimpse into the past lives of the natives but they seem to bring more questions than answers. Why does it face the sky? And why are there no human/animal figures as commonly found on similar sites in the SW? Makes me wonder who these were written for and why. But I’m no Indiana Jones so I’ll just photograph it and let you come to your own conclusions. Enjoy! Tech Details: 6 shot panoramic (3 for sky/foreground) and stitched to create a square crop. Foreground lit with diffused LED’s.” – Rick Parchen.

Rick Parchen Photography:




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