Image Credit & Copyright: Chris Georgia.

It can be argued that the coastline of New England is some of the most beautiful that the 50 states has to offer. As far as night sky viewing, not so much. There are however, still places high along the coastline of Maine where mankind hasn’t set the sky alight with cities or even large towns.

One of those locations is shown here beautifully by Chris Georgia; the Cutler Preserve which resides along the 125 mile long Bold Coast. The official Bold Coast Scenic Byway runs from Milbridge to Eastport which is the eastern most point in the United States. Eastport also boasts some of the strongest tides in the world as well as the largest whirlpool in the western hemisphere known as “Old Sow.” The only obvious point of light is in fact a point of light. Machias Seal Island Lighthouse sits about 12 miles offshore alerting seafarers to its location in the dark.

If you ever get a chance to explore this area please do as it’s an amazing view day or night. Congrats to Chris on yet another amazing shot and check out more of his work below.

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