Image Credit & Copyright: Mike Ver Sprill.

The ghosts of yesterday truly come alive in this image. We know nothing of the house or who owned it, we hope for its sake that its life was long and well worn. A place where many memories were made; as it’s time has clearly now come and gone. Imagine, for a moment back when the paint still smelled fresh and the green highlights complimented the dark shutters that clung to the walls aside every window; when the shrubs were a third their current size, the trees, not quite a high. There was a pickup truck in the front yard, a clothesline in the back yard while kids and their dog played in the grass, you can almost smell the grass. At night there was dinner and while lying in bed, the sounds of bullfrogs and crickets streamed into the open windows with the summer heat. Life was good then, simpler. This house has seen a lot in its years, many changes, many seasons and many faces. Faces that likely grew old, moved out and moved on.

But that Milky Way, that Milky Way remains unchanged, seemingly eternal. No matter how many generations lived out their lives, no matter how many families and people this house as seen come and go in its life, one true companion that’s been there the entire time is that Milky Way. Let’s hope that this house had a long and well worn life. A life in where many memories were made, in the blink of an eye our lives are, to that Milky Way.

I really hope you all enjoy this amazing image and check out more of Mike’s work.

Mike Ver Sprill photography: http://milkywaymike.com/

Facebook: http://facebook.com/mikeversprill

Instagram: http://instagram.com/mikeversprill

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mikeversprill

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/versprill/

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