Image Credit & Copyright: John Davis of Bucksnort Observatory.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and hopefully this image by John Davis can help get your week started.

Nothing but color in this beautiful image of the Texas night sky over the 85 ft. in diameter Harvard Radio Astronomy Station at Ford Davis.  Every image of the night sky offers something different to take in and this image is no exception.  In this image there is no vast milky way stretching across the sky, no major constellations or dwarf galaxies making themselves known, yet it’s no less beautiful.

The contrast in the light striking the antenna and the orange nearby glow of humanity with rolling hills silhouetted create a great foundation for the color of the stars.  The orange, blue and yellow points of light stream down endlessly from their different destinations in the galaxy, all showing up for their big moment as instead of just crashing into the ground or cloud tops, these photons were captured and preserved by the sensors in this camera so that we may enjoy them for years to come.

Although I chose this image for my own personal reasons, John Davis is one of the marquis night sky and deep sky astrophotographers out there so please feel free to check out his work in the links below because it’s truly amazing.

BuckSnort Observatory:


NRAO Harvard Radio Relescope:

NASA/Harvard Radio Telescope:…13…17T

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