Stitched Panorama

Image Credit & Copyright: Thomas O’Brien.

Here’s one of my all-time favorite night sky images and it comes to us from Thomas O’Brien. The aurora in this image isn’t necessarily the story as it’s not the towering brilliant green curtains of light that you see in many other images. In this image it’s just a faint, glow of pink and blue on the horizon but when inserted into this frame and mixed with the yellow hue of a town beyond it takes on a life of its own. The calm waters of the seasonal pond along Taylor Pass outside of Aspen, Colorado reflect our view of the colorful sky perfectly and makes me want to grab a chair and just enjoy the show for a while.

In addition to the night sky and colorful aurora, the Milky Way galaxy can be seen standing tall near the center of the image, while just to the right of the hundred billion star pillar, is an even more massive star city, M31 Andromeda galaxy, hanging on the sky like a ghost……

This image was from the summer of 2012 and I still to this day find myself checking it out again as I try to envision where I can plan a similar view from my region. As always, I’ve posted Thomas’s links below so check them out and when the time comes go find a view like this for yourself!

Thomas O’Brien Photography:




Google Plus:





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