All Eyes to the Universe


Image Credit & Copyright: Matthew D. Warfield.

From the right locations dark skies can give you an unparalleled view into the universe as we can see in this image by Matthew Warfield.  Texas skies, assuming you’re out of the cities can offer some of the greatest night sky views in the country.  This location; the McDonald Observatory near Fort Davis, Texas is no exception.  The core of the hundred billion-star Milky Way rests on the horizon as it stands vertically, stretching as it makes its way through the nighttime sky.  Antares appears so close, it seems he could reach out his right hand and grab it.

With vistas like this, it’s no wonder why giants like the 11 meter (433 inch) Hobby-Eberly telescope, the Otto Struve and Harlan J. Smith telescopes as well as a handful of others call this location home.  I’m going to have to get down there someday.

I hope that you enjoy this image and feel free to check out more of Matt’s work!

Matthew Warfield Photography:



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