Milky Way Beyond Yellowstone Falls


Image Credit & Copyright: Royce Bair.

There are some amazing places around the world and Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming is near the top of that list for so many reasons. One of those reasons is captured beautifully here at a location known as Lower Yellowstone Falls. As with any night sky image the foreground can make or break your success and sometimes no foreground is the answer. Well, with a landscape like this at your disposal, using it to your benefit is a no brainer. The vertical Milky Way rises from the ground and the distant air glow like a rocket being propelled off of the launch pad. The foreground is brought to life with the help of some heavy duty light painting techniques that really awaken the 308 ft. (94 m) high, 590,000 year old falls and canyon, marrying up the image perfectly.

Royce isn’t a new player to the night sky game as he’s been at it for a few decades now and it’s worth noting that this image graces the cover of his upcoming E-Book “Milky Way Nightscapes” in which he details the ins and outs of night sky photography from start to finish.

Milky Way Nightscapes E-Book:

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4 Responses to Milky Way Beyond Yellowstone Falls

  1. Thanks for the kind mention and links, Dan!

  2. Dan, thanks for your kind mention and links!

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