Crossing the Galactic River

River Crossing

Image Credit & Copyright: Mark Gee.

Sometimes those unexpected shots end up being some of the most incredible.  Mark Gee demonstrates that here in stunning beauty as, after gathering some night sky images he was headed back to his car along New Zealand’s Wainuiomata Coast when he noticed this.  The immense Milky Way star city rising high into the sky, the core shining brightly over the hilltops while below, in a shallow valley, a lone bridge seemingly crosses a river of stars.  I can’t help but to see this as sort of a metaphorical wormhole of sorts, just beautiful.

It’s important to note that although the scene is unexpected, the image is very elaborate as most night sky images are.  It’s a vertical panorama of 6-30 second images that were later stitched together to deliver this incredible sight.

I hope you all enjoy this image and get over to his sites to check out more great night sky imagery.

Mark Gee Photography:




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