Find Your Happy Place


Image Credit & Copyright: Rick Parchen.

In life, at least for me, there’s not much that rivals getting away from it all.  Those rare times when you can put your worries away (or at least attempt to) and be close to nobody but yourself, a couple close friends and nature should be treasured.  This dream-like image from Rick Parchen cannot be put into words, it can only be felt.  Taken at a site along Oregon’s Central Cascade mountains, you can almost feel the air on your face, the sounds of life everywhere around you yet they’re not concerned with you in the least.  High above and beyond we can see our star city seemingly rising from the ground, the core shining with the energy of tens of billions of stars, much of which are shrouded by that thick band of gas and dust.

This is a situation that I can see myself in where I’m torn between not wanting the Sun to come up because it’s a sight that when you see it, you don’t want to end and also wanting to get home to process these images.

Rick Parchen Photography:




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