The Power of Failure


Image Credit & Copyright: NASA of astronaut Ron Garan at the Cupola window on the ISS.  This is also the cover to his book “The Orbital Perspective.”

In today’s society it appears that failure is frowned upon so much that most people will chose inaction and carry on with lives that they’re generally unsatisfied with vs. trying to push their limits and do something greater if there’s even a chance of failure.  They’re frozen into inaction by a society that doesn’t care about that individual’s success to begin with.

Most successful people today and throughout history for that matter, understand the true power of failing.  You don’t think about it often but most of the knowledge gleaned through life is procured through failure, whether it from you yourself or seeing the experiences of others.  If you desire to learn about the world around you and improve yourself endlessly, you will never have a better teacher riding along with you than failure.

Fail, learn from it, plan, prepare, attack it again and continue to do so until it ends with success.  If you desire to learn, all life’s lessons can be found in the shattered pieces of broken efforts.  Yes it’s painful, yes there’s unfortunately tragedy to deal with in rare situations but the knowledge to improve the situation is all there in the form of newly gained experience.  If it’s important enough to you, you must continue the fight.

The most successful people and entities don’t pack up and quit after a major failure, watch them.  They use the knowledge therein to learn, improve and come back twice as strong as they were before.  They don’t run when the world mocks them for failing on a world stage, they use the ridicule as motivation to all but guarantee future success.

There is endless power in failure, the key to understanding that is the desire to learn and improve.  Have a great day everyone!

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