Milky Way Over Yellowstone’s Mt. Washburn


Image Credit & Copyright: Alexis Coram.

Incredibly, as outdoorsy as I am, I have still never been to Yellowstone National Park.  It’s an awe inspiring location in Wyoming that has an offering for pretty much every nature enthusiast’s tastes.  This image of the Milky Way galaxy over Mt. Washburn was captured by a favorite of mine, Alexis Coram.  The Milky Way can be seen here rising over the treetops almost like a ghost in the night as we roll along its plane safely inside spaceship Earth.

At 10,243 ft. (3,122 m), Mt. Washburn is one of the more notable mountains in the range that bears its name, the Washburn Range.  The mountain was a major attraction shortly after its discovery by the Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition in 1870.  They set out to explore the northwestern region of Wyoming by following the rough train of an expedition the previous year (Cook-Folsom-Peterson Expedition).  The team visited many areas throughout the park and even coined the name “Old Faithful” for the prominent geyser in the park.  In the end, the mountain and range was named after the expedition leader, General Henry Washburn (Civil War Veteran).

Don’t worry; Nathaniel Langford and Lt. Gustavus Doane (Civil War Veteran) were rewarded with mountain names as well.  Mt. Langford 10,623 ft. (3,238 m) resides in the Absaroka Range and although Gen. Washburn had origionally named a mountain “Mt Doane” it was changed to Colter Peak so Doane was later rewarded with another Mt. Doane 10,551 ft. (3,216 m) sometime later.

I hope you guys enjoy this incredible image and maybe learned a little something along the way.  Be sure to check out Alexis’s work as there’s plenty to see beyond night sky images.

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