The Aurora Painter

© Fotograf Göran Strand

Image Credit & Copyright: Goran Strand.

I absolutely love this image and idea by Goran Strand while photographing some incredible aurora borealis over Ostersund, Sweden.  The capture of the aurora itself is a magical view, in addition, throw in some creative artistry with the paint roller and glowing green bucket and the image takes on a whole new life.  I think it’s great to see images like this as it not only shows photographic ability which, if you’ve seen his work is a given, but it also gives you a feel as to just how much photographers think about and pre-plan their night sky hunts to come up with something great for us to “wow” over.

I thought you’d like this image and it’s worth noting that he’s actually in Faroe as we speak positioning himself in one of only two places on Earth that will witness totality on Friday’s solar eclipse.  Get on over there and check out his great work, you won’t be disappointed.

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  1. NQUBEKO says:

    how does this reareaction happen occurp n what needed to prover it true,simple

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