Stars Everywhere


Image Credit & Copyright: Alex Tudorica

Dark skies, calm waters and a keen eye set the stage for this incredible image from Alex Tudorica.  In Northern Chile’s Atacama Desert, (yes the same desert that houses some of the world’s most powerful telescopes) is this location known as Salar de Atacama.  It’s a salt flat with a very large central sinkhole which you can actually see in the image if you look closely however I would forgive you if you overlook that point in awe of the night scenery.

The Milky Way and its two companions, the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds (LMC & SMC) rise up from the horizon, casting reflections of themselves down onto the perfectly calm waters below.

This image is, in total twelve full size images stitched together to create a vast mosaic for us to enjoy.  Speaking of which, don’t be afraid to check out more of Alex’s work as you will be equally impressed.

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