La Silla Nights

La Silla Shown in UHD

Image Credit & Copyright: Babak Tafreshi.

European Southern Observatory (ESO) ambassador Babak Tafreshi is at it again making us envious with this gem of an image of the ESO 3.6 meter telescope atop the La Silla Observatory. This observatory is not only the original ESO observatory complex; it’s still one of the major astronomy complexes in the world today. It sits 2,400 m (7,874 ft.) above sea level in the Atacama Desert of Chile with more than 15 telescope positions (though not all in use anymore).

Just to touch on a little more detail (as I like to do), the telescope at the top of this image is the ESO 3.6 meter telescope and just next to it to the left is the smaller 1.4 meter Coude Auxiliary Telescope (CAT) which I believe isn’t in use anymore. Down the hill and just in front of us to the left is the Swiss 1.2 meter Leonard Euler Telescope and associated building.

Oh ya, and then there’s that night sky! The Milky Way streams across one of the darkest, driest night skies on Earth. The result is a brilliant downtown view of our home star city in beautiful color and clarity.

European Southern Observatory (ESO) page for this image:

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