Softly Fading Dream


Image Credit & Copyright: Evan Thomas.

“Time you enjoy wasting, was not wasted.” – John Lennon

How about this beautiful image from Evan Thomas of the Milky Way being chased over the horizon at Ruwau Lake, CA in the iconic Sierra Nevada mountains? What I miss the most about the west are those desert and bare, rocky mountainous landscapes and a warm night. The night sky in this image, even in fleeting, does its best to deliver its message in the form of photons. Sending them across space and time to our eyes, our telescopes and our cameras as well as bouncing them off the surface of the water. Whatever it takes, with whatever time it has. Everything and everyone has a story to tell, it’s true. Sometimes, the story is told not by us, not by our friends, not in the rings of a tree or trapped in the fossil or geologic record of the Earth itself. Sometimes the storyteller is our subconscious……sometimes it wants so badly to have someone to talk to and to tell us its story and we just won’t take the time to listen so that it has to deliver the message when we’re most vulnerable.

Do you ever have those dreams that…are so lifelike that when you awaken, you’re mildly stunned that you’re lying in your bed or, wherever you happen to be? You know, where you awaken and it takes a few moments to realize that the experience you just lived was, in fact, a dream? Sometimes that realization can be a welcome relief as you had done something horrible or fallen victim to something. Perhaps you’re being chased, maybe you’ve lost everything.

Then again sometimes that realization can, in itself be a sad experience. You were with someone you were close to long ago in the bookmarked pages of your mind; reliving great times and moments. Sometimes you’re at a place that you once loved to visit, sometimes alone in your own thoughts, sometimes with friends. In your dream you were there again, you could touch it, you could see it, the wind, the cars, everything was still as it was. Just to awaken and have it all taken away once again as you realize those people and places are still long gone……but damn, it was great to see them again while you could.

It’s not dreams just that can do that to us. Isn’t it amazing how certain songs, smells, personal artifacts etc. can rip us out of the present and deliver us back to an exact moment in time where everything is still as it was when you were really there? A certain song or album that you used to play when you were playing video games with friends or maybe the smell of pine trees or fresh cut grass that you used to smell on a particular road or trail that you used to walk on the way home from school. The smell of a baseball glove, leaves blowing is the cool autumn wind……

Sometime when you get a few minutes, close your eyes and take a mental walk around somewhere that you physically can’t anymore. Your Grandparents house for example; visualize the floors, the tables and chairs, the wallpaper, the view out the windows and the pictures on the walls. Now go outside and have a walk around, do the same there. Try to visualize the details and you will remember things about that place that you had long forgotten and would otherwise never have seen again.

All of these things are, small, surreal moments in our lives where we can relive our past in detail. They say don’t look back, only forward but I take full advantage of every one of these brief yet powerful mini-mental time machines when they appear, and I hope you do as well.

In addition, I hope that when you have moments like these, that it helps you to realize how important that it is to live and be happy. When you’re with your friends, at a game or just out walking enjoying some quiet time, look around, see the details in life and the life in those you love because we literally never know how much time we will have to do so.

Even Thomas Photography:





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