Earth, Moon and Jupiter in the Same Image



Image Credit & Copyright: NASA.

I don’t usually post my “On This Day In Space History” (OTDISH) here on the blog because there’s just so many, I felt that I should show this one off as its one of my all time favorite space images.  If you are a space history nut, follow my Twitter and Facebook pages as I typically spend the day detailing some bookmarked events in space history.

May 8, 2003: Mars Global Surveyor (MGS) while in orbit around the “Red Planet,” captured this incredible image of Earth, the Moon and Jupiter in the same image.  The Earth and Moon seen at the top of the image are 86 million mi. (139 million km) away while the “King of the Planets,” Jupiter was a whopping 600 million mi. (1 billion km) away.

Go ahead, expand this image to full size and you can actually make out detail in the Earth and Jupiter.  The links below go into even greater detail which I think you’re gonna love, enjoy!

NASA page for this image:

Malin Space Science Systems (MSS) page for this image:

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