What a Sight; Day or Night


Image Credit & Copyright: Kevin Haszard.

New Hampshire’s 34 mile long Kancamagus Highway (Rt. 112) is one of the world’s most beautiful scenic drives. From the white blanket of snow that coats the region many months of the year, to the budding colors of spring, to the deep greens of summer and of course, those legendary colors of the White Mountains fall foliage this region has it all.

There’s another dimension to this region that often goes overlooked. A dimension that only shows itself to the patent few who remain or come out after the bulk of the tourists are at their cottages after a long day of hiking and exploring. Nighttime in the White Mountains is as equally awe inspiring as the photon showered seasons in daylight. The sounds of the rivers and wind blowing through the trees remains even in darkness, as do the smells of nature. Pine needles, wood, fresh water pounded into mist by waterfalls and clean mountain air; and overhead, the universe. If you’re coming from the city or bright suburbs, prepare to re-identify those handfuls of stars you recognize every night because they will be lost in a sea of ten thousand Suns rendering the familiar constellations nearly unrecognizable.

This image was captured along the “Kanc” known as the Pemigewasset Overlook near the Kancamagus Pass (Elevation 2,855 ft.) which is the actual highest point along the highway. Interesting fact, this is an important location because two rivers (Swift & Pemigewasset Rivers) are actually formed right here at this site.

What a beautiful image and I hope you enjoyed it as well.

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