Offer to the Universe


Image Credit & Copyright: Scott Silva Imaging.

Like the legendary Fire Dancers of Hawaii; Scott spins up some fire, just of a different kind.  This image, taken out on the west side of Oahu shows the Milky Way galaxy stretching overhead almost appearing to be watching the display in approval.

So what the heck is this circular light display; fireworks or the Terminator coming back in time to save us from our-selves?  Nope, but the answer is pretty cool; its steel wool.  That’s right.  Stuff some steel wool into an egg beater or whatever you may use, light it on fire and get spinning!  And not that I think that anyone reading this will win a Darwin award but it’s worth reminding everyone that it’s fire and its dangerous so doing something like this in your house or within close proximity to other people will likely not end well.  That being said; this is a beautiful art form when done correctly and Scott certainly has it down.

Check out more of his work.  If you like this awesome image, you won’t be disappointed.

Scott Silva Imaging Facebook:


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