The City Dweller’s Discovery


Image Credit & Copyright: Kat Dierickx.

“Astronomy compels the soul to look upwards and leads us to from one world to another.” – Plato

This beautiful image by Kat Dierickx has a lot of power with it and within in its message.   In this image we see the legendary constellation of Orion the Hunter with its red supergiant Betelgeuse, belt stars and M42 region as well as the floodlight that is Sirius, the Dog Star and brightest star in the nighttime sky in the constellation Canis Major below, near the horizon.

This scene stretches over the Pickett Butte Fire Lookout 3,200 ft. above Pickett Butte in southern Oregon’s Umpqua Nation Forest.  As an avid hiker myself, this image resonates with me.  Over on my side of the country I frequent the many fire towers and mountain tops throughout the region and if you’ve ever had the opportunity so see the dark skies of a dark forest you know what I’m talking about.

What about someone who lives within the limits of a city whose light pollution robs its inhabitants of their view of the universe?  What happens when they see the night sky possibly for the first time?  Well if you’re Neil Degrasse Tyson it changes your life and forever alters the course of your life.  That’s how powerful it can be.  The night sky, to someone who sees ten to twenty stars on a nightly basis can be taken back in awe at the sheer number and magnitude of the stars in a dark sky location.  The familiar points of light that make up major constellations are now swimming in a sea of ten thousand suns or in some cases washed out by the volume of stars in the river of stars in the form of the band of the Milky Way galaxy.

If you can’t find time, make time.  Get out, look up and be inspired!  Again, great image by Kat and thanks to her for allowing me to share.

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