Jurassic Light


Image Credit & Copyright: Sean Parker.

Here’s an incredible image captured by a GoPro mounted on a cow just before Indominus Rex devours ole Bessy. Somehow the footage survived. OK, you got me. This image was taken by Sean Parker of Sean Parker Photography just before HE was surrounded and eaten alive by these incredible creatures. Still not buying it; alright that’s a great example of being a good skeptic right there, congrats.

It is true however that Sean captured this great shot but the apparent impending doom aspect that I was painting is false. What a sight it must have been, to be around more than 65 million years ago. If we were able to wander the Earth dodging pitfalls such as these two-legged meat grinders while above our heads a magnificent view of the universe; still unabated by man-made light pollution which robs the majority of developed locations today. Just a stunning perspective and capture.

I have to admit, this one really has me missing SanDiego and the southwest in general. This incredibly creative shot was taken in Borrego Valley CA. This location houses over 130 metal sculptures of dinosaurs, monsters etc. over three square miles. They are the works of Ricardo Breceda, http://ricardoabreceda.com/. I for one thank Sean for this photo and conjuring up some personal memories of good times out in that old desert while wowing me at the same time. Then again, as I’ve watched Sean’s work through the last few years; I wouldn’t expect anything less!

Sean Parker Photography: http://www.sean-parker.com/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.comseanparkerphotography

Twitter: https://twitter.com/seanparkerphoto

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