Magical Tree


The Rising

Image Credit & Copyright: Stephen Ippolito.

Here’s a brilliant image from Stephen Ippolito from his recent trip to Utah this past May.  I know I’ve said it a hundred times by now but I just can’t get enough of the southwest U.S. desert.  There’s countless National Parks, wide open horizons and a night sky that grabs your attention.

This image was captured in the beautiful Arches National Park, Utah and it shows the “Dark Horse” region of the Milky Way galaxy rising up from behind the dry landscape and one of the legendary Utah Juniper trees.  The oldest Juniper in Utah is well over 1,200 years old and they are a lesson in survival by efficiency and not needing a lot to get by.

The “Dark Horse” region of the Milky Way galaxy refers to the core region or even more specifically; a region near the core of the Milky Way created of gas and dust that literally resembles a horse.  Pretty awesome!

All of Stephen’s images are world class and if you haven’t checked out his most recent Utah collection I would recommend that you do because they’re amazing images captured in an amazing land.

Stephen Ippolito Photography:





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