Olympia Moonrise


Image Credit & Copyright: Paul Gicewicz.

I love these, low on the horizon; widefield Moon images. When you see celestial bodies such as the Moon with trees, buildings or landscapes imprinted over them as it rises or sets from behind them it gives you an awesome perspective as to as few important things to include their size.

This image was captured by Paul Gicewicz in Olympia Washington and here we can see as the Moon clears the treetops that even as distant as it is, our partner in the night still dwarfs our landscape. If you ever have the opportunity to watch the Moon rise or set (or Sun, but the Moon is safer to observe) do so because a couple things will become apparent.

The first thing that will come to mind is “wow” because it truly is an inspirational sight. That massive (5x more massive than Pluto by the way) red/orange 2,100 mile diameter rock 240,000 miles away created from the Earth itself after a Mars sized planet impacted the Earth, is being lit by that 865,000 mile diameter thermo-nuclear fusion reactor 93 million miles in the opposite direction. It’s a full dose of cosmic perspective. Something you’ll also notice is just how fast it moves on the sky. It will break the horizon and in just a few minutes it will have cleared the trees to begin its journey across our sky.

Congrats to Paul on a great capture and check out more of his work because his deep sky object (DSO) images are amazing as well.

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