Clouds Roll In

Image Credit & Copyright: Lincoln Harrison.

At night, if you’re in the right location and the conditions are acceptable, a cloud will rise every night as it has for the 4.5 billion years Earth and the planets have existed. It rains not water but instead with the light of over 100 billion suns and this cloud stretches for over 100,000 light years. We can never fly through this cloud because even though we are in it, it is always too far away to reach.

To fly through such a cloud would prove to be perilous as well because in this cloud you have more to worry about than the bumpy ride turbulence provides. Monsters live within that remain unseen because they even swallow light. They can see you in all directions and once in their grasp you are lost forever. In lieu of lightning, there are massive blasts that easily annihilate entire star systems and even neighboring star systems if they are close enough. There are massive, lethal doses of radiation and jets of energy that would evaporate us instantly if we were unlucky enough as to be looking down the barrel when the shot is fired. No comfortable temperatures here. It’s either minus a few hundred degrees or upwards of many thousands to millions of degrees (F or C doesn’t matter at this point). That’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Another reason that you may want to think twice about venturing into this cloud; there are over 100 billion stars and around those stars hundreds of billions of planets……..and as far as we can tell, we are alone. In fact, as far as we can tell; as we look out into the universe, we see hundreds of billions of galaxies, and still we realize that we may be the only thing in the universe that even knows what the universe is……Over 93 billion light years in diameter……and we have no evidence that there’s anyone else here with us……yet.

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