Mono Lake Meteor


Image Credit & Copyright: Gavin Heffernan.

This guy knows a thing or two about night sky imaging. Gavin Heffernan captured this beautiful Perseid meteor over the Limestone Tufa columns at California’s, Mono Lake.

Meteor showers are a treat at any time but when you are at a dark sky location it’s even better. When there’s no Moon, it’s even better. When there’s a good rate of meteors, it’s even better. And when you’re at an exotic, almost alien landscape armed with a quality camera and skill to boot; it really becomes…even better.

I have to say; day or night, the southwest desert is some of the most beautiful and diverse landscape on Earth. It’s one of the few places left in the U.S. where you can go hiking and admire the landscape and natural formations then at night be completely in awe of the night sky overhead and in all directions. The familiar constellations that we know like the back of our hands disappear in the sea of the universe. And that’s something to see!

If you’re a fan of the night sky, look into Sunchaser Pictures, Project Skyglow and help protect our night skies from advancing and unnecessary light pollution which is slowly washing away the world’s view of the cosmos. And of course, check out more of Gavin’s imagery.


Sunchaser Pictures:







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