A Summers Night

Image Credit & Copyright: Me. If you desire to share for whatever reason please feel free, just give credit. Thanks!

Free nights are pretty rare for me at this stage of the game but when they do occur, I try to take advantage as I’m still very much in the learning phase of night sky imaging and processing. These images were taken on the night of Sunday, September 6 and the morning of Monday, September 7, 2015 from a couple relatively easy locations in New Hampshire.


The first two images were taken at Stonehouse Pond in Barrington, NH. It’s an average sized pond with a relatively easy loop trail that leads around to the 150 ft. high granite cliffs which in the first image I have illuminated with my LED flashlight and headlamp. The second image is from the top of the cliffs looking upward through the trees. All in all this was a great, easy location where the sky isn’t as dark as you would like it but it’s definitely dark enough for some great images and to practice the art of night photography and the first time I was actually able to shoot at 3200 ISO. Yea, even in middle NH light pollution is that bad.

The following two images are from Blue Job Mountain (I didn’t name it) in Farmington, NH. If you’re in shape and or an avid hiker, this 1,357 ft. mountain is an easy walk up and down even with camera gear and it provides some great views. At the top you see a fire tower which you can climb up to just under the floor of the tower cabin, as well as a broadcast tower which, of course they frown upon people climbing at any time.



The 5th and final image is just a simple Milky Way shot from the parking lot before I went up to the tower. This is another location where you can really get some great images but as you can see from the fire tower images; the sky is dark but the skyline is very bright so if I had to do this over again I’d probably attempt to block that with the tree line if possible.

All of these images were shot with a Nikon D750 at 3200 ISO, F2.8 and 30 seconds in length.


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