Image Credit & Copyright: Brent Goldman.

What a view! In this image from Brent Goldman, we see two titans of legend in the same image. The great and humbling Yosemite National Park spans the foreground with its unique features such as Half Dome on the left side of the image. Above and beyond is the great Milky Way galaxy; our home in the universe.

You often hear night sky photographers talking about the summer Milky Way “season,” and this image really drives home why that’s so important. You can see that over on the right hand side of the image the core of the galaxy, even though it’s shrouded by vast bands of material, is still relatively very bright and with enough exposure you can really pull those colors and detail out. As you leave the nucleus, the bright core tapers off dramatically and gives way to the rural outskirts of the galaxy which is where we actually live.

Also, you often hear me talk about how the foreground of an image can make or break that image at times and that it’s important (but not necessary) to have a quality foreground image that’s lit to fit the night sky you’re trying to show. For obvious reasons this is on the short list of amazing foreground images in the world. Shot from Glacier Point, this shows thy Yosemite is one of the world’s greatest natural formations. The park is a glacier carved landscape that spans well over 1,000 square miles and boasts elevations ranging from 2,100 ft. to over 13,000 ft. Lined with treacherous yet awe inspiring formations everywhere it’s not hard to see where “The Killer” or “Those Who Kill” got its name!

Brent Goldman Photography:





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