Raung Eruption


Image Credit & Copyright: Alex Tudorica.

Here, the beautifully dangerous eruption of Mount Raung in Indonesia is seen by the amazing night sky imager, Alex Tudorica from somewhere near the summit of Mount Ijen.  The distant, ghost-like Milky Way galaxy watching over the scene creates a surreal, almost other worldly view.  Mount Raung stands 3,332 m (10,932 ft.) and is the tallest volcano in the Ijen Volcano Complex.

The Ijen Volcano Complex on the Indonesian island of Java is comprised of five stratovolcanoes including Ijen and Raung and also includes Bromo, Semeru and Merapi.  Mount Ijen, which he was climbing, is also a world renowned mountain.  Its summit at 2,799 m (9,183 ft.) hosts a 1 km (0.6 mi.) diameter blue lake which is regarded as the largest acidic lake on Earth.  It is also one of the few locations on Earth where you can see blue lava.  As the lava leaves the volcano, the large quanitities of sulfur in Ijen contact the oxygen present in the open air.  When the sulfur and oxygen meet at temperatures greater than 360 degrees C (680 deg F) it combusts and burns bright blue.

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