String Lake by Night

String Lake at Night

Image Credit & Copyright: David Kingham.

Sometimes, we get caught up in our busy lives. The days string into years as quickly as we can blink sometimes yet all the while it seems we don’t accomplish much beyond successfully (or unsuccessfully) paying bills on time, going broke, then finding ourselves needing to go back to work anyway. It’s a tough system and cycle for almost all of us.

Then we open our eyes and minds to images like this and we quickly realize that, we as individuals are but a mere moment of time. As the Earth spins the Sun out of sight every night to show us many more, much further from home; we are met with the universe. It’s amazing what just one glance outside of fishbowl Earth can do to us. That, cosmic perspective that we hear so much about is driven home when the constellations themselves are washed away into the sea of stars and become indistinguishable from the others.

Travel from home one clear night to the darkest place you can find. No camera or binoculars needed but if you have some, great. I have a few locations near me that I enjoy stopping at, especially in the summer. When you’re in nature at night it’s a different world so to speak. The tourists and or beach goers have left and you are literally the only one around. The noise of the crowds now gone, you can hear the cracking of the trees, the leaves blowing in the breeze and the sound of the water interacting with the shore. Overhead, the silent beauty of a hundred billion Suns flicker in the distance. That is reality. Out there is the true nature of existence, devoid of the vices we humans have enslaved ourselves to every day, every year… after life sacrificed on the altar of status quo.

Get away one night, spend a few hours alone and after the urge to look at a screen of some kind subsides, which it will; you will have that great cosmic experience. A realization of what we truly are and of how much of our lives we simply give away and waste powering the great human hamster wheel. When you get to see the universe face to face, things like taking care of each other as well as the planet seem not like work but instead the thought becomes a no-brainer.

This amazing image comes to us by the great landscape and nature photographer, David Kingham who I have followed for a handful of years now. Here we see the great, seemingly eternal Milky Way providing itself as a backdrop to the Grand Tetons along String Lake. String Lake itself is a narrow water way between Leigh and Jenny Lakes just south of the much larger Jackson Lake. This is a location that I’ve always wanted to visit for myself and hopefully someday, those plans can materialize. I hope you all enjoy this great image and as always, be sure to visit David’s page for more great work.

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