Maine by Night


Image Credit & Copyright: Matt Milone.

Here’s a great image of the night sky over the Shawnee Peak ski resort in Bridgton Maine. I believe this image was captured from across Moose Pond, obviously looking south in order to capture as much of the core of the Milky Way as possible.

Great capture by Matt and as a relatively new widefield (non-telescope) night sky photographer myself, I love to see what other locals from the New England area are producing although it seems the opportunities I have to escape for a night are few and far between. Make sure you check out more of Matt’s work and keep tagging me in your own night sky images as I love seeing them.



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1 Response to Maine by Night

  1. 4SpaceVash says:

    Breath taking! I lived near equator in India for few years, at night you could see the Milky Way. Although it was not this much clear 🙂

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