Frozen Skies


Image Credit & Copyright: Me.  Feel free to use at will with proper credit.

Sometimes it’s not the destination or the achievement, but it’s often the experience of the journey that serves to make a moment memorable to someone. Here’s a quick image taken at Oak Park in Greenfield, New Hampshire (right across the street from Greenfield State Park) late on Saturday, February 13th into Sunday morning.  The first image is the final, cropped and edited image where I used Star Spikes Pro 3 to highlight the stars in Orion, Taurus and the Dog Star, Sirius (at left).  The second image (below) is the pre-crop and star edit version.  Keep in mind that some of those stars in Orion are closer to us than they are each other.  Pretty wild right?  Here’s a quick write up I did a while back on that very topic.

What was so notable about this night? Well yes, technically it kicked off Valentine’s Day, but even more impressive was that this was the coldest day in Boston (area) in the space age.  That’s right, the last time it was -9 degrees Farenheit (-35 wind chill) in the area was in early 1957.  That’s a solid eight months before the October 4, 1957 launch of Sputnik, the first manmade object in orbit.  A special thanks to fellow space nerd, Kaitlyn for braving the elements and coming out for the trip and also picking this spot to shoot at.

I hope you all enjoy this image and as soon as I can feel my arms and legs again there will be more to come!



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